July 19, 2012

Talent Show

Well, we have survived one month without daddy and we're doing pretty well. We miss him terribly, but we get to talk to him every day. Sometimes we also skype or facetime. I think that's harder for Kris, though. He smiles at us, but his eyes look sad.  We're sending him a carepackage for his birthday--complete with his fave Special K bars--as soon as I can find a box big enough to send it! 

The kids have been super busy with their summer activities, and I've spent more time shuttling them back and forth than I care to think about.  Last night, instead of vegging out on the couch (again), we went to the Fargo downtown library. I love that place--it's so pretty inside, and the kids always find books, dvds, and wii games to entertain us all. When we got there, we stumbled upon a kids' talent show that was in progress. After we watched one act, I asked Grant if he wanted to sneak out to go look for books, fully expecting him to say yes.  To my surprise, he vigorously shook his head no. He, Ross, and Hope all wanted to stay to watch the talent show.  I was secretly proud of my crew for setting their original plans aside to see what other kids would perform on the little stage. Turns out that the daughter of one of my friends was in the show (although we missed her number), so we ended up sitting with them for the second half of the show.  Grant saw a boy his age perform some impressive yo-yo tricks, and we all enjoyed the dancing and singing.

We topped off the night with an ice cream from DQ, and there was very little bickering, which was a treat for me!

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