July 20, 2012


It's 12:26AM and I should be in bed asleep.  I've noticed that when Kris isn't here, I tend to stay up later. I think it's my way of capturing some 'me time' after the kids finally go to sleep.  Tonight, mom took us out to dinner after Ross's T-ball game, so we didn't get home until toward 8:00.  I let Hope play in the tub a long time while the boys played Minecraft on my ipad, and I finally folded two baskets of laundry that had been sitting in the hallway for a full week.  After everyone was squeaky clean, I let the kids start a movie so I could go downstairs and use the elliptical trainer for a bit.  It felt so good to MOVE.  I've been experiencing a lot of lower back pain this summer, and I think it's because I'm sitting so much--at baseball games, tball games, swimming lessons, and in the car.  However, this late evening workout meant that I didn't tuck everyone in until 10:30!  I've showered, read, snacked, checked email, and here I am, still awake.  At least we don't have to get up too early tomorrow.  'night, all.


TBRKO said...

Yes but...hello they will get up early anyway right?!
I find that when I am alone at night, things run more smoothly. I have less tolerance for crap, and I make sure to hold them accountable. it's not easy, but you are doing a phenomenal job and the kids will always remember this as a special summer with mommy.

Erin said...

Thank you, Bonnie. Your encouragement means so much. We are doing okay--we might all lose our tempers at times, but we are also learning patience (and forgiveness) because of it. ;)