September 21, 2010

Lunch Break

So, I'm sitting here eating at my computer in my office. I meant to post yesterday on my lunch break, but it was so dang busy here that I didn't even eat lunch (thank goodness for that banana at 3:00!).

Ross and I were driving to school yesterday when All Summer Long by Kid Rock came on the radio. In case you don't know, Kid Rock samples Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd pretty heavily in All Summer Long. You can hear the guitar and piano parts from SHA really clearly. He'd never heard that song before, so I said, "Ross, this is a great song!"

Ross: What's it called?

Me: All Summer Long.


Ross: Oh. I thought it was Sweet Home Alabama.

He's 4 and he can already recognize a classic rock song when he hears one. Last night he requested Pour Some Sugar on Me so he could jam in the living room as he picked up his toys.

I love that kid!

September 7, 2010

Shoulder surgery

So, I had scope surgery on Friday to repair a torn labrum. The labrum is a piece of tissue between the ball and socket of the shoulder joint. All went well, but I didn't really think much about the fact that there would be some recovery involved. I just figured, "Oh, it's same-day surgery. I'll have to wear the stabilizer again but I've done that before when it's been dislocated." Well, I'm also on pain medication, have to sleep in the recliner for a week, and CANNOT lift my arm above waist level or move my are away from my side at all. And yes, this is the right shoulder and I'm right handed.

Basically, it's an inconvenience to me and to all those around me. I will be fine, and I'm SO grateful to my in-laws and my parents for pitching in and helping us with kids.

Things I can't do right now:
lift or carry Hope
style my hair
put on clothing like a normal person
sleep flat in my own bed

Things I'm getting pretty good at:
Eating with my left hand
brushing my teeth left-handed
pulling my pants up with one hand

Funny story...when the nurse was helping me get dressed and ready to go home, I had to use the bathroom. So I went, and guess what I got? Yep. Monthly Martha. I literally moaned out loud, "Are you kidding me?" So that's something else I can now do left-handed.