September 20, 2009

Video of Hope Walking

Here's a quick video of Hope walking across the living room. When she fell I almost helped her up, but you can see how I held my hands away and she stood up and got going all by herself.

September 18, 2009

Guess what??

Miss Hope Caroline is WALKING ON HER OWN!! Whooopeeee!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled (and relieved) we all are. She started walking unsupported on Wednesday at Joyce's daycare, and she's been taking more and more steps each day. Her stance is still pretty wide, but who cares? Joyce is such a godsend; she deserves much of the credit for helping Hope get over the hump and just do it. She's very encouraging and persistent, and having all the other kiddoes around helps motivate Hope, I think. I'll try to get some video this weekend. 20 months old...whew.

September 10, 2009

Fleeting Summer Days...

During Labor Day weekend we took the kids to Bonanzaville to explore a little local history. What a cool place! They enjoyed looking through old log cabins, at vintage airplanes and cars, and in an old train depot and passenger train (all authentic). That evening, we also took the boys over to the park where Kris helped Ross fly his kite. Simple moments, beautiful memories.

A neighbor girl and I took Ross and Hope to Lindenwood Park on Monday while Grant spent time at his friend's house. Hope LOVES the tunnel slide!

A Positive Attitude

I was in such a funk yesterday. Nothing horrible; just racing from one meeting to the next from 8:15 until 2. When I finally sat down and had a minute to think my brain was so foggy and I was so cranky that all I could do was complain--to my colleague across the hall, in my own head, to basically anyone who asked, "How are you?" What a drag I must have been.

Then, late last night before bed I went through the mail. I got a newlsetter that included a blurb about Positive Attitude Month in October. Here are 7 tips to stay positive from

1. Decide to have a positive attitude.
2. Surround yourself with positive people.
3. Use positive affirmations.
4. Be very selective of the music and news information that you listen to.
5. Take time to help other people.
6. Get in touch with your spiritual source.
7. Don't stop; never give up.

Wow. I needed that, and today I'm having a much better day. Nothing much has changed in terms of my workload or circumstances; just my own attitude.

Hope this perks you up a little, too!

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
--Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book

September 3, 2009


Some of you know that our beautiful little Hope has never learned to crawl and still isn't walking independently yet because she scoots on her butt all the time. We've been receiving weekly services since June through early intervention services. Our Home Visitor, C, is FABULOUS. She comes over once a week, either to our house or to daycare, and works with Hope and me (or our childcare provider, Joyce) to help us learn how to encourage Hope to do particular developmental tasks such as pulling up onto furniture, cruising along furniture, crawling, kneeling, and walking. Well, Hope has made steady progress in all the areas above except kneeling and crawling. She doesn't seem to like being on her tummy/hands and knees. That's changed a bit over the past two weeks as I've noticed her leaning forward and voluntarily going to her tummy from a sitting position, or even balancing on all fours.

When I picked her up from Joyce's yesterday, Joyce asked if Hope had been crawling for us. I must have looked surprised as I said no. Joyce's face lit up and she said, "Hope crawled a lot for us today!" Then she told Hope to show mommy how she can crawl and my sweetie went right from sitting to her hands and knees and crawled toward me on the grass!! I cheered, clapped, and almost cried! I'm so proud of my little peanut. This is a big step for her. She can also walk holding onto one hand, but maybe now the crawling will strengthen her ability to coordinate both sides of her body better and give her the confidence to let go of my hand...and grow a little more.