May 2, 2010

First Communion

The group of communicants around the altar for the consecration--oh yeah, and Ross walking down the aisle (and right into my shot) coming back from the bathroom. Grandpa Wayne took him to the bathroom--and had to wipe his butt. Grandpa NEVER does that, but he had no choice this time.

Look at those two cuties. I love them both so much!

Olivia and Hope--"Erin, take our picture!"

Grant with Deacon Tom and Fr. Raul.

Doesn't he look smooth?

Grant and Kate--two cousins sharing a special day.

Family picture--Kris must have missed the cue to smile. ;)

Grant and Kate celebrated their first communion last night with all parents and most grandparents in attendance. It was a joyful Mass with lots of children participating--all the readings were done by communicants, as well as all the petitions and the carrying of the gifts. Kate read a petition (super job, Kate!) and Grant carried up one of the carafes of wine. All the kids looked so proud in their fancy clothes. Afterward we gathered at Bonnie's house for dinner and cake...ah, the cake. Bonnie was so excited about this specially-made, amaretto-flavored cake, but it didn't go over too well with the kids. I'm sure she'll have more to say about the cake on her blog.

You should have seen my adorable nephew Brady eat! I didn't get a pic with my camera, but I bet Bonnie will post a few. He had oreo salad and cake from his eyelashes to his elbows! He also treated us to his latest dance moves. So hilarious! It was a busy day and a beautiful evening. Kudos to the Religious Ed staff at St. Joseph's for planning everything so perfectly.