October 29, 2009

Matching Game

I SHOULD be writing an exam for my students, but it's late and I've lost focus. Instead, I'll piggy back off of one of Bonnie's recent posts. This one's for you, sis. See how well you do:

Match the soap couple to their theme song! Um, I guess that's not gonna work--I can only remember two theme songs right now. Revise: 80's soap trivia:

1. Which soap couple's theme song was, Tonight, I Celebrate My Love?

2. Which soap couple's theme song was Friends and Lovers? bonus point: which soap actress sang the female part in this duet?

3. Whose nickname was "Sweetness?"

4. Whose nickname was "Fancy Face?"

5. Put the actors in order of past to present as Roman Brady: Wayne Northrop, Josh Taylor, Drake Hogestyn

6. Which two female characters both sang on stage with Danny Romalotti AND fought for his affections?

7. Who is Bo Brady's real father?

8. What was Nikki Reed's profession when she met and fell in love with Victor Newman?

9. Which soap couple consumated their love at an "old south" plantation?

10. What song was playe both on Days of Our Lives and in the movie Footloose?

11. What was Kayla Brady's profession when she met Patch/Steve?

12. On what soap did Lisa Rinna appear? Who did she play?


1. Bo and Hope
2. Shane and Kim; bonus: Gloria Loring, who also played Liz Curtis on DAYS
3. Kayla Brady (as called by Steve)
4. Hope Brady (as called by Bo--duh)
5. Wayne Northrop, Drake Hogestyn, Josh Taylor
6. Tracy Abbott and Lauren Fenmore
7. Victor Kiriakis
8. stripper
9. Bo and Hope
10. Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler
11. nurse
12. Billie on DAYS

Gosh, I hope I'm right on these. I think I am. As anyone who really knows me will tell you, I truly am a font of useless entertainment/pop culture knowledge. How well did you do?

Coming soon...pics of pumpkin carving and Halloween costumes

October 27, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite TV shows

I'm sick of grading right now, so I'm taking a few minutes to think about something other than literacy mini-lessons.

Here are my top 8 favorite TV shows:

8. One Day at a Time

7. Alice

6. The Carol Burnett Show

5. The Facts of Life

4. Little House on the Prairie

3. The Golden Girls

2. Designing Women

1. Friends

Why 8, you ask? Well, because I couldn't think of 10 that are worthy of this list. My criteria? Simply this: When I stumble across these shows in reruns, I stop to watch them, (almost) no matter what. Put another way, I would love to own DVDs of all these because these are series I could easily watch over and over again without getting sick of them. I love to laugh, and these shows make me laugh! They're also clever, well written, and well-acted. I know you might not agree, but at least you took a walk down memory lane, didn't you?

October 26, 2009

Random Musings...

Things I saw walking through campus this morning:
--a guy wearing orange sherbet-colored skinny jeans

--a girl with the top half of hear hair dyed black and the bottom half dyed green...she looked kinda like the Grinch

Thoughts that have crossed my mind during the last 24 hours:
--I wish I'd remembered to bring my tennis shoes to work. That three-block walk from my office to my class was uncomfortable in my dress shoes.

--My muscles are sore from working out last night. But YAY ME! I finally worked out.

--I wonder what to get (Joyce/Bonnie/mom/dad/Grant) for Christmas?

--How come they've only released Season 1 of One Day at a Time on DVD? I wish I could watch that in reruns on TV.

--My blog friends are so awesome. I'm lucky to have them in my life.

October 25, 2009

There's been nothing to blog about

these past three weeks. The boys have been sick, Kris and I have been sick, but so far (knock on wood), Hope's been the healthiest of us all. We haven't had it nearly as badly as Bonnie's crew, though. No H1N1 here--more generic fevers, cold, and stomach flu. I guess the only upside to that is the puking and diarrhea (how the heck do you spell that word, anyway?) helped me drop a few pounds.

I don't have any cute pictures to post, either. Although the boys dug out some old photo albums that Bonnie and I paged through tonight, and I did find a lot of bad pics! Can you say hideous hair? I'm surprised Kris stayed with me through those early years; I looked like such a goober.

It's mid semester and everyone on campus is officially swamped. I've been up many nights the past week grading papers and lesson planning for the very next morning. Tomorrow my students are teaching mini-lessons during class, so thankfully I don't need to prepare a full day's lesson. I do have a pile of lesson plans and reflections to read and evaluate, however. Better get going on those. Hope everyone has a great week!

October 3, 2009


On Thursday afternoon, Ross was running through his classroom with friends as they listened to a song called "Everybody Move" by Greg and Steve. If you don't know this song, it has different rhythms, tempos, and tunes with appropriate music as the singer says words like, "Walk" "Gallop" "Skate" "Tiptoe" and "Run." As he was running, he tripped over his friend's shoe and fell down, hitting his eyebrow on the bottom edge of a table leg. Yowza, did he have a gash above his right eye. It looked like he took a punch from a boxer. Thankfully, Ross was calm by the time I got to him, but it was clear he would need stitches.

Ross was so brave. He cried some, but who wouldn't, when the doctor injects novacaine into the skin all around a fresh cut? He emerged with 4 stitches and a swollen eye. But true to form, the next day, Ross's teacher said that "He didn't miss a beat!"

Having said that, you can easily see in the photos how this experienced impacted Ross's overall persona and countenance that evening. (Did I really just use those two words in one sentence--on a Saturday night, no less?)