March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Grant had leprechauns on the brain tonight. Kris--God bless him--said he would help Grant set two traps to try to catch one. I would never have the patience for creating and setting a trap, but the two of them had a grand time fetching bins from the basement and propping them up with "bait." Grant had already decided to use his Fargo Marathon medal as bait because it is shiny gold; he also asked if he could borrow a gold ring from me as bait for the second trap.

Although I'm not into building the traps, I decided to run out to Hornbacher's after bedtime to find something the leprechaun could leave behind for the kids. I found two plastic necklaces and a Lucky Bamboo plant (I know, not exactly a shamrock, but it's the best I could do). I thoroughly enjoyed setting out the gifts and writing the note the leprechaun left behind!

March 10, 2009

What a gift...

this day was. We enjoyed some fabulous, and very ordinary, family time together. I got a bunch of shelves cleaned out and reorganized, cleaned out the kids' "craft drawers," Kris hung up all the frames and wall hangings I asked him to, and he even fixed a broken peg hook in the boys' room. Hope and Ross enjoyed naps, Grant earned his DS back later in the day, Kris cooked lunch AND dinner (thank you, honey), I got two loads of laundry done, AND I got a good workout in!!! Whew!


There's a blizzard upon us, a storm so wide-reaching and dangerous that even MSUM closed campus for the day (that hardly EVER happens)! So, all five of us--mommy, daddy, Grant, Ross, and Hope--are home together for a real, honest-to-goodness snow day. What fun! Don't get me wrong, we've already had a little drama this morning; Grant threw a tantrum over not understanding how to play one of the games for his Nintendo DS, so the DS is on break for the day. But overall I'm optimistic. We can play playdoh, make puzzles, build with Legos, bake cookies, and maybe I can even spend 30 minutes on the elliptical and get a few loads of laundry done. I'd also like Kris to hang some pictures and wall hangings. In our family, only dad does that...because mom doesn't enjoy that. I'd rather be the one deciding if it looks straight while Kris actually pounds the nail.

I hope all of you stay warm, stay safe, and stay put!

March 8, 2009

My Sister

After reading all the action on her blog over the weekend, I want to tell all of you a little about my sister, Bonnie:

1. She is an amazing mother. She is firm, loving, fun, and so so patient! Four children is a lot to balance, and she does so beautifully.

2. She loves to travel and is really talented at planning and executing trips. Whenever I need to fly or plan a long distance trip, I turn to her (although she will tell you that hardly ever happens since I hardly ever go anywhere). :) If she ever walked away from teaching, her natural enthusiasm for travel would make her a wonderful travel agent.

3. She teaches high school social studies, most often History and Sociology. I have never observed her teaching (although I would love to!), but from what she describes I think she makes the study of people and events fascinating and personally relevant to her students.

4. She isn't afraid to take time for herself. I am impressed--and admittedly a little jealous--that she is able to put herself on her priority list.

5. She is the life of the party whenever our families and in-laws get together. She really is a wonderful conversationalist, always showing genuine interest in whomever she is talking to.

6. She's a great writer! I didn't realize this until I she started blogging--she's so FUNNY! I love it when she makes me laugh out loud.

7. She has a fabulous sense of style--casual chic I would call it. Her wardrobe, hair, and makeup always look clean and hip, even when she says she's thrown herself together in 20 minutes.

I admire Bonnie and look up to her. I'm blessed to call her sister. Love you, Bon!

March 3, 2009

Ross is THREE!!

Ross turned three years old on Sunday, March 1. It's hard to believe my "tank" is already closing the chapter on toddlerhood. We had a marvelous party with family--grandmas and grandpas, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Ross relished being the center of all the attention, and all the kids had a blast together.

Pizza-coated fingers...I'm three!

Ross loves his baby sister and cousin Brady, and he LOVES being older than they are.

Ross and "Wivia," or, as I affectionately call them, Frick and Frack.

Ryan, Kori, Paige, and Piper couldn't make it, but the cousins who came had a blast together. Aren't they adorable?

And what would a birthday party be without cake? I think Hope enjoyed her slice more than anyone.