April 29, 2010

Big weekend ahead

It's Grant's First Communion this weekend. At our church, we get to choose at which Mass to celebrate this milestone. We opted for Saturday night, 5pm. My niece, Kate, is also getting her 1st C so we decided to have a cousin-family celebration together afterwards. Unfortunately, when we picked Saturday night I didn't realize:

1. It's a drill weekend, so Kris will be at the guard all day (he will be at church, but not much beforehand)
2. The school carnival is noon-4 the same day
3. Grant has a soccer game that morning at 10
4. Practice for the big event is 10-11 at church that morning

First of all, we're skipping soccer. Second, thank heaven for Saint Grandma Jeanne!!! She will be watching Hope and Ross (and Brady and Olivia, I believe) while Bonnie and I are at the church with Kate and Grant for practice. Unfortunately, I have to work at the carnival for part of the afternoon, so we will race home, eat, and then I will hire 2--yes 2--babysitters to help. One to stay home with Hope while she naps, and one to take Grant and Ross around the carnival while I work at the clothing table. Then we will rush home, clean up, snack, and get dolled up for the big event. I hope I can keep it together. I tend to freak out and yell a lot under pressure. Again, thank God for Grandma Jeanne. She is preparing ham and salad for dinner. Thank goodness Bonnie is hosting at her house--saves me from having to clean my pit! Sorry, Bon. Bonnie has ordered the cake, Jo is bringing potato salad, and all I have to do is buy napkins, cups, and plates. I got off about as easy as possible. For that, I am VERY grateful.

On a positive note, they interviewed each communicant at church last night--questions about the Mass and our faith. I beamed with pride as I watched Grant smile a genuine smile as he answered his questions. Even though he moans and complains about having to go to church and do his lessons, he does know his stuff, and he is excited (and nervous) to receive communion for the first time.

April 18, 2010

Getting things accomplished...

feels so good! It hasn't been an eventful weekend, but a productive one nonetheless. Kris got loads of yardwork done yesterday, I washed, folded, and actually put away 5 loads of laundry. But the best part was having our families over for grilling last night. Good food (too damn much chips and dip for me), great conversation, and cousins all over the place playing together. Twice yesterday I watched Grant and Ross actually playing with each other without fighting and said a little prayer of thanks. It's so nice to see them enjoying each other instead of fighting and hurting each other's feelings. I truly think that's one reason I got so much done during Hope's nap yesterday--I didn't have to play referee or extra playmate.

On a completely unrealated note, I had Mojo 104 on in the bathroom yesterday morning while getting ready and heard a song I hadn't heard in 20 years: And We Danced by The Hooters. Wow, did that take me back...I wasn bopping all around the bathroom dancing and singing at the top of my lungs (much to Grant's chagrin--I got that look that said, "you are SO WEIRD, mom"). That came out in 1985...25 years ago. Holy sh--!

April 6, 2010

Pics as promised

Easter Egg Hunt at Yunker Farm...

Hope sitting daintily on the bench at Yunker Farm

Checking out their stash of eggs

I love this one.

Hope's first haircut...

Wetting it down and combing it back

It's really rather long

Don't I look pretty?

Hope loves her Daddy!

April 2, 2010

Marvelous Day

Kris and I both had work off today. It was wonderful to spend the whole day with our kids. In the morning Kris had to work up at the Air Guard, so after breakfast, dressing, and a quick trip to Payless Shoes, we went to the Children's Museum at Yunker Farm for their Easter Egg Hunt. What a blast! The boys raced to collect as many plastic eggs as they could, and Hope toodled around the lawn gathering eggs with me. Once all the eggs were gathered, every child there traded in their eggs for a treat bag containing a Troll doll, tatoo, sticker, chips, and a few candy treats. There must have been over 100 children and families there for the 11am hunt; when we arrived at 10:30 we had to pay at the gate and park in a lot across the street. I have to give props to all the high school volunteers/workers at Yunker Farm, especially the young man dressed up in a full-size white Easter Bunny suit--they did an awesome job keeping everything running smoothly. And this was the first of three hunts during the day! After the hunt, the kids and I took some pics (which i'll upload sometime next week--I'm having issues w/my home computer), played at the park, and then came home for lunch.

Kris took over at the end of lunch so I could go to Jenny Craig (maintained--whew!--after a week and a half of off-program eating), work out, and then come home to gather Hope for our next appointment: her very first haircut! I took her to Lil' Whipper Snippers and she was perfect! No tears or fear, just patient sitting and a big smile when it was all over. Again, pics to come...

Meanwhile, Kris played outside with the boys, Grant had a friend over to play and stay for dinner, and then we colored Easter Eggs tonight. All in all, it was a fabulous, family-oriented day.