March 8, 2009

My Sister

After reading all the action on her blog over the weekend, I want to tell all of you a little about my sister, Bonnie:

1. She is an amazing mother. She is firm, loving, fun, and so so patient! Four children is a lot to balance, and she does so beautifully.

2. She loves to travel and is really talented at planning and executing trips. Whenever I need to fly or plan a long distance trip, I turn to her (although she will tell you that hardly ever happens since I hardly ever go anywhere). :) If she ever walked away from teaching, her natural enthusiasm for travel would make her a wonderful travel agent.

3. She teaches high school social studies, most often History and Sociology. I have never observed her teaching (although I would love to!), but from what she describes I think she makes the study of people and events fascinating and personally relevant to her students.

4. She isn't afraid to take time for herself. I am impressed--and admittedly a little jealous--that she is able to put herself on her priority list.

5. She is the life of the party whenever our families and in-laws get together. She really is a wonderful conversationalist, always showing genuine interest in whomever she is talking to.

6. She's a great writer! I didn't realize this until I she started blogging--she's so FUNNY! I love it when she makes me laugh out loud.

7. She has a fabulous sense of style--casual chic I would call it. Her wardrobe, hair, and makeup always look clean and hip, even when she says she's thrown herself together in 20 minutes.

I admire Bonnie and look up to her. I'm blessed to call her sister. Love you, Bon!


TBRKO said...

Erin thank you! I so needed that after reading the last comment someone left. It's too bad when we feel that we have to defend ourselves to others...and really I mean that for both sides.
It's funny, after blogging, I feel we understand one another better. I was just telling Tami how smart you are. You are SO good with words. You are better articulating your thoughts. I write like I speak, so I often get myself in trouble.
Thank you thank you thank you!
Love you too :)

ABCDH said...

Can I be the third sister?

Erin said...

Yes! If it weren't for Bonnie, I would never have reconnected with you, AJ.

And Bonnie, you're welcome. It's all true, and I don't tell you often enough (ever?) how much I admire you.

TBRKO said...

Okay fashion sense? I am horrible. When I was in AZ, I felt like the slobby loser of the group. I think Elli lent me a different shirt each day.
Also, time for myself???? Let's not cause the readers to assume it's more than going to Target or working out. That part is hard, but Thad and I both try to do that, so it balances.
Love you again,and enjoy the blizzard day!