July 28, 2012


It's Saturday afternoon, and both Ross and Hope have a friend over to play.  Hope and J are happily listening to books on tape, and Ross and R are playing baseball outside.  Grant is at N's house.  Grant was supposed to stay overnight last night, but I got a call at midnight from Grant saying he wanted to come home.  Since Kris isn't here, I told Grant I wasn't able to leave the house to pick him up, so N's dad very graciously brought him home.  As the got out of the car, dad said, "Don't worry about it Grant, this happens a lot.  Just call or text me whenever you wake up--6, 7, whenever--and I'll come and get you so we can all have pancakes for breakfast."  How awesome is that? True to his word, N's dad came to pick up Grant when we called (after 8) and Grant has been over there ever since.  I am so grateful for this family, and for all my kids' friends, for being willing to have the kids over once in a while to play. I'm also glad we have two little friends at our house today, so we can reciprocate.  I just pulled chocolate chip cookies out of the oven for a snack.  It's a good day.


TBRKO said...

Wow what a great dad. :)
I hate the term "play date" for some reason. When we were kids it was simply, "can someone come over?" Olivia uses it and it is like fingernails on a black board for some reason.
Glad the kids are all playing well. :)

Erin Odegaard said...

This warms my heart. :)