August 23, 2009


is hard work. Not that I did any of that work this weekend; I didn't. But Kris took out all the overgrown plants, dug out old stone and weakening brick, and place three layers of new landscaping stone around the front of our house. It looks great! I'll take a pic when it's all finished. He even had to ask our neighbor to come over with his 4wheeler, tie a chain around a bush root, and use the 4wheeler to yank the dang thing out of the ground!

The boys loved "helping" dad, which for Ross meant flinging shovel-fulls of dirt across the front yard. I think Grant carried about 4 stones before deciding they were too heavy. They also collected about 30 worms from the wet dirt Kris was hauling in from the back yard.

I love my big, strong, ambitious man!


TBRKO said...

uhhhh Mrs. Phd, isn't it landscaping?

Erin said...

Whoops--yeah. My bad.

ABCDH said...

I am so jealous! I've been trying to work on my yard all summer.
Guess it'll be a fall project.

Erin said...

There's no time to do it when your kids are around and it's just you! My job was managing the children, but the boys made it pretty easy by spending so much time outside.