August 28, 2009

It's been THAT kind of morning...

I have to vent for three minutes here or else I'll have a cruddy day all the way through. Why do my kids move like turtles even after we've taken all the steps we can to make the morning run smoothly: backpack organized the night before, snack ready to go, clothes picked out. Grant and Ross take to brush their teeth and put on their shoes. And then--then--both of them have to poop right before we get in the car! Of course, Grant won't go upstairs to take care of business; NOOO. He's too afraid of being upstairs by himself. So then it's a turn taking event instead of a simultaneous one. AND THEN WE RUN OUT OF TOILET PAPER DOWNSTAIRS. Use kleenex and baby wipes. Wash hands again. Get in car. Grant walks with neighbors.

Then I feel completely guilty for rushing around like a crazy woman and hollering at the boys to "Hurry up!" That's not exactly the vibe I want to have Grant feeling as I send him off to school.

But wait, there's more: Ross and I still have to go to school to get a tshirt (yes, I 'm co chair of school clothing sales this year) for a kindergartener whose mom ordered one yesterday. This means finding a parking space, going to the PTA lockers and actually using a combination to open the lock, finding the right shirt in the right size, finding the child's teacher, and quickly explaining in the hallway as all the children are coming in why I am giving her this shirt.

Drag Ross to the bank for some cash, navigate road construction, finally get to campus, bring Ross to preschool, drive to my own building, which is now two blocks away, park, and FINALLY get into my office. Then guess what--I needed to make my own trip to the bathroom, too. And it's only 9:05, folks.


ABCDH said...

After reading your, mine and Bonnie's blogs I have decided this week is a wash :-)

Kris said...

Awww, honey. Hope you have a better day. TGIF right?

TBRKO said...

Let's meet in Alex this weekend for drinks!

My kids aren't morning poopers. I thought I would share that.

Oh, and Erin, my hell mornings are set to begin next Tuesday for the next nine months. whoo hoo.

Erin said...

I didn't think my kids were morning poopers either. I'm right there with you, mommies! This is why we have the community here. Thanks for cheering me up!