July 16, 2008

Quick post

Wow, I can't believe summer is this far gone already. I've spent the day in "computer mode" working on a power point presentation for my in-laws, reading graduate student thesis proposals, grading independent study assignments, and catching up on emails. It's taken the better part of a day to do this. Thank goodness mom was willing to have Hope for the day and I was able to take the boys to Jo's. I just can't work on this kind of thing at home if they are here, even when Emily is with them. It's too hard for me to not play with them or work on housecleaning.

Now there's a neglected task...my floors are awful and my bathrooms don't look much better. I have closets that need reorganizing and piles that are screaming for another session of sort-and-toss. I will feel better once I've also tackled some of this stuff.

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ABCDH said...

There are housecleaning services here that will do a once over for super cheap (NOT Merry Maids - VERY expensive).
Although I've only used them twice (once on my empty house before moving in) it will make your entire day/week/month.
Give yourself some pampering, I say.