February 26, 2010


Happy Friday! The good news is I'm feeling much better today. The bad news is I came down with strep throat early this week and have felt like crud for pretty much the whole week. Strep throat--I haven't had that for 20 years! Not since I had my tonsils out at 17. Let me tell ya, it HURT more than I ever remember it hurting as a kid. The doctor who looked at my throat actually told me, "I wish my med student were here to see this. From a medical perspective, that's quite impressive. We don't usually see throats like that in someone who's had their tonsils removed. It looks almost like you've got ulcers back there." Nice.

Anyway, this week also entailed two nights of conferences for Kris, a late meeting last night for me, going to the Wedding Singer musical Monday night, and generally just lots of running around. Pretty much a typical week for all of us, right? So, in the hustle and bustle of life, I hope you all find a few moments for yourselves and few more to enjoy your loved ones. Have a great weekend!


TBRKO said...

I have had those ulcers/blisters on my throat. They do hurt like a son of a gun. Glad you are feeling better, and I am so bummed we missed The Wedding Singer.

Erin said...

You missed a night out with your husband, but you didn't miss much in terms of a show. Neither Kris nor I thought it was that great. The singing was just okay, and the acting was waaayy overdone by much of the cast.

ABCDH said...