February 11, 2010


Tonight after work, 4 colleagues and I drove to Minneapolis for a meeting tomorrow morning. And although I miss Kris and the kids, I have to admit that I'm enjoying a little slice of time to myself. The group of us ate steak dinners at Mabel Murphy's in Fergus Falls, so we didn't even pull into the hotel parking lot until 9:40pm. But the dinner and the good conversation were so worth it.

I'm sitting here in my very own hotel room, watching Celebrity Rehab and painting my nails. It's almost 11pm, and although I'm tired I'm not *sleepy.* Pretty soon I'm going to crawl under the covers with all the fluffy pillows and read my book. Tomorrow will be a busy day followed by a long drive home, but right now I'm looking forward to not having to rush when I get up tomorrow...and sleeping in until (gasp!) 7am!

PS--the two best parts of my week were (1) last night, reading to all three kids at the same time: Grant on my left, Ross on my right, and Hope on my lap while we read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Mrs. Wishy Washy. It was an idyllic moment in time.

(2) Going to be early on Tuesday night and having both Grant and Ross climb in bed with me. While I read my book, Ross snuggled up next to me and Grant lay quietly next to Ross. It was so peaceful listening to their breathing get slow and sleepy, and glancing over to see their eyes drift closed. When I turned off the light, Lola barked at some unknown sound and roused the three of us. But you know what? That was okay because it meant Ross resettled back into a cuddle and we fell asleep holding hands. To borrow Bonnie's word, it was bliss.


TBRKO said...

I love cuddle parties! They are so fun...I am looking forward to that this weekend. Have FUN being on your own for 24 hours!

ABCDH said...

*sigh* I SO needed to read this post this morning - it calmed me down as I was starting to feel my blood boil already (it's 8:49am).