January 15, 2010

Ross's Perspective

The other day, one of the preschool teachers, Eric, stopped me as I dropped off Ross for the day. Eric told me that the director was doing a project for her Master's classes and wanted to try out her questions with Ross. Ross threw poor Eric under the bus:

Lacey (the director): Ross, who is the oldest person you know?

Ross: Um, Eric.

Lacey: Really? What about your grandpa? Isn't he older than Eric?

Ross: No. My grandpa's 47. I think Eric is 69 or something [fyi, Eric is 33].

Lacey: Hmmm. Well, how do you know Eric is old?

Ross: Because he's dusty. He's old and dusty, I think.

What do you say to that? Priceless.


Kris said...

god I love that kid!

One Small Happy Family said...

he never ceases to amaze me!! I love these kind of stories!!

Miranda said...

Ha this is great! I can just imagine Eric's reaction to this!!