January 2, 2010


My firstborn baby, Grant, turned 8 years old on Christmas Day. I can't believe he's that old already. It seems like just yesterday he was toddling around at my feet, wanting me to play with him. Thankfully, Grant still likes to play with me--just yeseterday we put together a lego helicopter set he got for Christmas.

Grant is smart, funny, and athletic. He is rather tenderhearted, and his feelings can be hurt easily. He tries hard to get along with Ross (well, most of the time), and he adores Hope. Grant is a huge help to me and has done more than his share of fetching diapers, helping Ross get dressed, keeping an eye on Hope, and feeding Lola and letting her out. Grant loves joke books, playing Guitar Hero, and he's very affectionate. I must confess, I love that he still asks to go to sleep in our bed and if I lie down with him, he holds my hand as he falls asleep. Today, Grant lost his front tooth! He's as handsome as ever.

Happy Birthday, Grant. We love you.


TBRKO said...

We love you too Grant! And you lost a tooth! WOW!

ABCDH said...

I don't know if it's a first born thing, but your description of him reminds me of my Cecelia.
You're SO lucky to have such a sweet boy!

Erin said...

I really do think it has something to do with being a firstborn. Melissa, Bonnie, want to weigh in on this?