December 30, 2009

Two Posts, same day, #1

I've been away from my computer for several days, and I just read all your comments on my last post. Thank you--sincerely--for all your encouragement (and enthusiasm!). It means so much to me. So, a quick update:

I'm feeling better each day--walking a little straighter, in a lot less pain (although my chest is still sore, my tummy isn't), and inching my way back up to my regular energy level. We've had the stomach flu floating through our house again, so that's what's been taking up a lot of time and energy here, but everyone seems back on track now. I have to wear this girdle thing 24/7 for 4 weeks (except when I shower or wash it): it goes from right underneath my breasts down to my knees, with hooks and eyes and zippers up each side, and a big hole in the "down there area" for going potty. TMI, probably, but some of you have asked. It helps keep everything compressed and supported during healing, and I've noticed that I feel better with it on because it supports my back so well. Also have to wear compression stockings for 4 weeks, too. Jeez, can you imagine how hot you'd feel if you did this in the summer? I'm so glad I'm doing it in the dead of winter since we're all layered up to stay warm anyway. Per the doctor's orders, I am still sleeping in our recliner with a pillow under my knees. Hopefully I'll get the go ahead to sleep back in bed with my sweetie and my pillow very soon! Have a checkup in Bismarck tomorrow, so if there is any new interesting info, I'll post it after.

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