July 23, 2009


Last Friday night my sister, Bonnie, my mom, and I flew out of Fargo to Las Vegas for a long weekend (came back Monday night). Bonnie's been to Vegas 4 times and loves to travel and arrange trips, so she led the way. Mom, who paid the way (THANK YOU, MOM!),hadn't been there since 1972 (while I was in utero, no less), so I guess you could say that she and I were "Vegas Virgins." Well, I was totally won over. I didn't understand why Bonnie and Thad kept going back every year, but now I get it. It's such a fun, relaxing, busy, exciting place. I am definitely going back, and taking Kris with me next time!

We had a total blast. We stayed at The Wynn. I've been spoiled by the lush digs. I think my favorite part was lounging by the beautiful pool for 3 hours every morning. I actually have a bit of a tan now. A close second was seeing the musical Jersey Boys. Wow. Absolutely outstanding. Wait. I take that back. The best part was spending so much time laughing with Bonnie and Mom. I laughed so hard I actually started crying at one point! Yes, Bonnie can still get ready in record time while I seem to take forever. Bonnie calls me the turtle of the family. I'm pretty sure I embarassed her more than once--like when I started dancing to the music playing outside the Bellagio as we waited for the water fountain show, and I KNOW I ticked her off when I made the fake puke sound after my whopping three glasses of wine. Those of you who know my sister are well aware that she has a total vomit phobia. She kept asking me if I was going to throw up, telling me not to go to bed yet or I'd get "the spins" (huh?), so I finally walked over to her bed and "bleahhch"ed right in her face. Even mom laughed! I know mom had a great time with her girls, too--and we loved spending the weekend with her.

Since I forgot my camera, Bonnie has all the pics. You can see some of them on her blog: http://tbrko.blogspot.com/. Maybe I'll post a few when I get copies.

I love you, girls! Thanks for the amazing trip!


ABCDH said...

Sounds like a really, really good time!
I LOVE the fake vomit moment. Sort of like when I chewed up graham crackers and peanut butter in grade school and pretended to puke in front of her on the sidewalk.

TBRKO said...

HA!! I didn't know you did that...I love it. PB and crackers--what a good combo.

TBRKO said...

Okay--that was me (Erin) posting at Bonnie's house. Guess I was logged in on her blog.

TBRKO said...

AJ: It's Bonnie. I have vague memories of that. I can't believe all of you people who get off on freaking me out like that....jeez.
AJ: remember when you threw up at that party at Kari B's (aka: Norm) in HS, and then realized you wore the puke stained shirt to school thinking it was washed???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Oh: don't worry readers. I remember AJ heading to the bathroom, and I made Robin leave ASAP.