July 13, 2009


Kris made it home safe and sound today at noon. After we had our own reunion, we went to Joyce's to pick up the kids. The boys ran to him and welcomed him home with bear hugs. Ross in particular leaped into Kris's arms and held on tight for several minutes. You can see the emotion in the pictures. Hope was a little nervous at first, but she never cried, and she's been smiling and saying, "Daddy daddy!" ever since. Thank you to Mom and Bonnie for helping me hang on to a few shreds of sanity these last two weeks--they've been the toughest. You took on so much, and I can never thank you enough.

Kris, I love you so much. We are all thrilled to have you home again!


TBRKO said...

YEAH!!! You made it. I am so glad that he is home safely. Now you two need sometime to all bond as a family. But do it fast, because come Friday, it's OUR turn to get away!
Love you!

Erin said...

I love you, too! I'm so excited for our trip. VEGAS, BABY!

Kris said...

You girls are going to have a blast. You definitley deserve it!

Pout Baby Boutique said...

Awww, the pictures made me tear up. I'm glad he's home!


Tortorice's said...

Made me teary too...so glad you are together again, now go have fun and party your tushy off in Vegas!

ABCDH said...

I was going to say that those pictures had me in tears, but apparently I'm not the only one!
Have a BLAST in Vegas, Erin!