May 22, 2009

Youth Soccer--requesting your input

Have any of you enrolled your kids in youth soccer in the FM area? After doing some researching, I see that there is Red River Soccer and Fargo Soccer Club, as well as Moorhead Youth Soccer Club. Grant wants to play and I need to register now for next fall (why is that, anyway? It seems so early to me.). If you have any input on these three organizations, I'd love to hear it. RRSC appears to be more expensive for one season ($60) but Fall and Spring charge is $80. FSC is $40 for fall. I didn't see any info on the MYSC site about a fall season.



TBRKO said...

I think that Mhd's registration has come and gone too to be honest. No clue why it's that way. I will ask Audrey, b/c her kids are in it in Fargo.

TBRKO said...

I will call you as it's a bit juicy!