May 26, 2009

Do you ever...

stay up WAAAYYY too late watching stupid stuff on YouTube? It's 12:35am and I have to work tomorrow (not to mention I've had to pee for about 2 hours now). Here's the progression:

9:15--started reading Harvey Milk's bio on Wikipedia, only to realize at 9:50 that I still had three sections left. It's long!

10:20--clicked on other links within the wikipedia bio, including George Moscone, Dan White, Scott Smith, and bath house. That was interesting.

10:40--remembered that I wanted to check out Pink's video for So What, so I jumped over to YouTube to view it. Grant LOVES--I mean LOVES--this song and has been singing it all weekend. I figured if the video was okay, I'd show it to him. It's not. But my mother in law (yes, I have very cool inlaws) told me tonight that Pink sang it on Ellen last week, so I also viewed that performance. She sounds even better performing live.

11ish--viewed Ellen's duet with Josh Groban singing Total Eclipse of the Heart

11:05--noticed a link to clips of Ellen doing What's my Next Line with members of the cast of Friends. Viewed that 7+ minute clip.

11:15 to present--that led to a whole bevy of Friends bloopers and outtakes on YouTube, which I've just spent the last hour watching and LMAO. I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Even though I'll pay for it tomorrow, it was so worth it. Here's links to a few of my personal faves, but beware--you could easily watch for hours!

DAMN IT! I just lost another half hour watching and laughing...

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ABCDH said...

I had to check out those Friends bloopers after reading this - pretty funny!