April 30, 2009

Little Kids Listen to You

This morning, as I was driving us to school, we came upon a backed up line of traffic and we were at a standstill for a minute or two. All of a sudden, Ross pipes up from the back of the van:

"Oh my gosh, lady! Come on!"

Clearly, he's heard me exclaim something similar when we've been stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle or a driver who did something stupid. He wasn't talking directly to me; he was exasperated that we weren't going anywhere and just repeated his version of what he'd heard me say.

PS--this afternoon, he did it again, this time including men in his mini rant:

"Oh my gosh, men. and lady. Go!"

I'd better watch myself when he's around.


TBRKO said...

That is so, so, so cute...and true! Ross is a hoot anyway, so for that to come from his mouth cracks me up!
Kids are little sponges, that is for sure!

Pout Baby Boutique said...

That is too funny! I can totally relate to your last post as well. Isabelle turned three in January and in the last month I feel like she is a different kid. She talks back, arugues about EVERYTHING, and the littlest thing can turn into a full blown tantrum. Yikes.

I will be thinking about you while your husband is gone - I know all too well how that goes. I only have one though - kudos to you for doing it with three! You are amazing!


Erin said...

No Holly, YOU are amazing. Your husband is going away for a lot longer time than mine, and he's headed overseas. I admire you so much.

Emily said...

That just made my day! Ross is too cute :) Just wait until Hope starts piping up!!!