April 4, 2009

Back to normal....

The flood of 2009 is over--for the moment. The past three weeks have been times of great stress and deep thankfulness. Kris was activated as a National Guard member, and worked 16 hour days sandbagging, evacuating a senior living center, and monitoring dikes and levees. I am so proud of him. The kids and I stayed home and got on each other's nerves like never before (just like at Bonnie's house). I actually told them to "shut up!!!!" once or twice. Not proud of that, but what can I say?

At Kris's insistence, we left late Thursday night, March 26, for Sioux Falls to stay with his brother and sister in law. He wasn't sure the city would be able to stave off the river, and he didn't want to have to worry about us if anything happened. Deanna and her three kids went, too, so we drove together. Deanna's van was fuller (is that right?) than mine--she had grandma Alice, age 90, and two of their three dogs in the van along with her three girls. Kelly and Mike were wonderful hosts--very generous in sharing their home with 9 extra people! The kids thought we were on a vacation with all 9 cousins around to play with. The only bad part was that Ross got sick Friday, I got sick Saturday, and Grant got sick Saturday night. We came back on Sunday night to beat the blizzard that rolled in Monday afternoon.

Schools are finally back in session on Monday. I'm sure it will be an interesting and perhaps difficult adjustment for area children and teachers. I haven't seen my MSUM students (and Ross hasn't had preschool there) since Friday, March 13. March 16-20 was spring break, and then the flood hit and we lost 11 days of classes.

We are tremendously thankful to have our family together again in our home, and to have our home safe and dry.

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ABCDH said...

This whole flood situation is CRAZY!