February 24, 2009

Toy Swap?

Here's what I SHOULD be doing right now: brushing my teeth and herding the boys together to leave the house. But I'm in a blogging mood. So I have an idea--does anyone out there want to participate in a toy swap? My kids are tired of their same old toys, and frankly, so am I. We've got baby toys, toddler/preschooler toys, and games and older kid building toys. If any of you would like, we could meet at my house (or I could come to you) with a laundry basket and swap some toys. Of course, we would return toys to the original family after a particular time frame, but in the meantime our kids would get to play with perfectly good, "new to them" toys without anyone having to pay a dime! Okay, gotta run--full day ahead for all of you, I'm sure!


ABCDH said...

If I lived closer I would jump all over this idea!

TBRKO said...

I would love to, but a) Hope is too young for our girl toys and b) Ryan doesn't do toys. Still we should talk and get some stuff together.

Erin said...

I'd love to get together one weekend or evening. I'm sure you've got things my kids would love, and I'm willing to bet that Kate, Olivia, and Brady would enjoy some of our toys. AJ, if you're ever headed up this way, let's make a date to swap!