February 5, 2009

Making it all better

Yesterday was one of those crappy days at work...back to back meetings, complex issues that take time to resolve--but there literally isn't enough time in everyone's schedules to work on the issues, economic dire straits, and to top it off I have a raging sinus infection that was leaving me feeling clogged up and exhausted. So when I got downstairs to pick up Ross from his classroom it was such a relief to see his smile. I told him, "Mommy's had a really yucky day. I need a hug." Ross gave me a big hug. "May I have a kiss, too?" I asked. He kissed me on the cheek, and then I said, "Is there anywhere else I get a kiss?" I figured he would give me a peck on the lips and we would get coats on and go. As I kneeled in front of him, Ross did kiss me on the lips...then he took my face in his hands and said, "The other cheek (kiss), your chin (kiss), your eyes (kiss), your eyebrow (kiss), your nose, (kiss)." In his gesture of affection, my sweet little boy calmed me down, warmed me up, and made everything all better. Thank you, Ross. I love you, too.

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TBRKO said...

I LOVE that.Kids are so perceptive.