January 16, 2009

Seeking advice from other moms....

on how to get my boys to stop bickering, hitting, and screaming in the backseat EVERY DANG TIME I pick them up at the end of the day. It's really getting to me; I've become snarly/screamy mom. Here's how it went tonight:

Grant: Mom, can I have a drink?

I pass Grant the bottle of water that I made sure to grab from gma Jeanne's fridge before picking everyone up (I park at my folks' house every day).

Ross: Can I have a drink, too?

Grant: You better not get cheetos stuff on it!

Ross drinks.

Grant: AHH GROSS! There's cheetos on the bottle now! I'm NOT drinking that, but (get ready for the whining) I'm soo thirsty!!!

And on and on and on--with indignant screams from Ross when scolded by his big brother.

There's also hitting, flicking, and other "picking" behaviors. Meanwhile, I'm trying to drive across Fargo on slippery roads without getting into a car accident at 4:30 on Friday afternoon.

I want to beat the living tar out of the two of them by the time we get to Hope's daycare. This has become a daily occurance.

Did I mention how much I hate pick-up time? And how much I hate picking up all three kids at three different places? It takes a full hour--or longer--if the traffic and weather are bad (and they almost always are). I know, I know. Now I'm the one who's whining.

So, what do you suggest?


TBRKO said...

Some things I have done:
1. Not allow them to sit near each other. Have one in one row of the minivan, and the other in the other row.
2. Ignore
3. Sit them down some evening or morning when all is calm. Let them know you aren't happy with their behavior. Instill a counting (or whatever) deal where if they get to three, they BOTH have a time out at home.
4. Ignore. Turn music up.

Erin said...

All great suggestions. Thanks, Bonnie.

ABCDH said...

My aunt had three girls 5, 7 and 9 and she says they STILL fight like that! Apparently it never ends.
I get pretty T.O'd too in the car and usually end up turning up the music because there's really nothing else I can do beside keep screaming at them from the driver's seat.
Why are children so crazy?

ABCDH said...

She has....typo.

TBRKO said...

Erin I know that you are shocked your kids fight considering we got along so well.

Erin said...

Um, yeah.