December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas with everyone in our extended families from Great Grandma Alice all the way down to baby Brady Stafford. Some highlights:

My firstborn turning seven years old! Where did the years go? He is a handsome, bright, creative, artistic, athletic, kind, thoughtful boy.

Hope's first Christmas--she looked so pretty in her holiday outfits. See for yourself!

Ross opening one gift on Christmas Eve and then stacking the rest of his gifts in the hallway--unopened. We all tried to get him to open his gifts but he just wasn't interested. So odd! He finally opened them...the next afternoon.

Ross and Grandpa Ward horsing around--wide smiles and lots of giggling.

Kris and me making french toast and deer sausage for our brood on Christmas morning. Yum!

A relaxing Christmas morning opening Santa gifts, eating breakfast, playing, and just lounging.

Me turning 36. Yes, Grant and I share a Christmas birthday. :)


TBRKO said...

Great pics too! How come I can only put in four or five pics maximum, but the rest of you can add more?

Erin said...

I upload the four or five and then re-click the 'add photo' button to add a new batch to the same post.

ABCDH said...

So cute! That little Hope is just a doll.
I hope you had a Happy Birthday and have a fun New Year!
(and I can't go without saying I laughed out loud, once again, when I saw the picture of the little guy having a tantrum. The look on your face is priceless)

Erin said...

Ah yes, I was wondering which of you moms out there would notice that...classic Ross. Poor guy, he had missed his nap two days in a row by the time those pictures were taken. MAJOR meltdown.

ABCDH said...

I just looked again and giggled, again, at the look on your face. Literally, you need not say a thing. I love it.