September 3, 2008

Our First Days

We had our first days of school last week. Ross and I began the year at MSUM on Monday, Aug 25. He's in the 2-3 year old room this year and loves it. I really treasure our walk to campus every morning. It allows me to slow down from the hectic pace of the morning and enjoy Ross's company...his dimpled little hand in mine, his fascination with his surroundings, and the way he notices the little things, like squirrels, sticks, bugs, and airplanes.

Grant and Kris started school in Fargo last Thursday. My oldest babe is in first grade! It's very odd to know that he is now the age of the children I used to teach. He seems to like his teacher, his class, and his new school--Lincoln Elementary. He walks to school each morning with the neighbor kids across the street.

They're keeping Kris booked solid at middle school--between teaching, leading his teaching team this year, staff meetings, PLC (Professional Learning Community) meetings, and volleyball coaching, he barely gets time to breathe from 7:45 to 5pm. I must confess, I am thankful that although I am busy at work, I have pockets of time throughout the day to gather my thoughts alone in my office.

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