May 26, 2008

Dog Doo Doo

So, what do you do when your year old dog STILL isn't housetrained? Yesterday morning Dory peed on the loveseat. FOR THE SECOND TIME. I was SO TICKED! After scrubbing down the large puddle, this little episode spurred us to vacuum, spot treat, and steam clean the carpet in the den, half the living room, and the carpet at the top of the stairs--all places that smell suspiciously of dog urine. When I let Dory in from the backyard later that evening, she followed me upstairs and then, apparently, peed on the steps! Kris discovered it because he stepped in it. I swear, I've had it and so has he. Do we try to give the dog away? Is there a way to train her better? I mean, it's not like training a dog to sit, stay, or heel. Oh, and she also has a spot in the living room where she poops fairly often, too. If anyone has advice, I'm all ears.


ABCDH said...

Just a couple ideas would be 1)put a puppy pad somewhere like your kitchen or laundry room 2)when she does pee put her nose in it, tell her NO and then grab her paw to scratch on the door and let her out letting her know that's where to pee 3)keep her in her kennel when you're not home. You probably know all of this already but it has worked for me in the past.

Erin said...

Thanks! Good ideas--I'll give 'em a try.

Melissa said...

Hey Erin! It's Melissa Weber. I found your post somewhat funny because our pug is a handful himself. He's potty trained and never pees inside, but once in a while can't hold his poo and poos inside. The other nasty habit he has is that he still eats his poo after 4 years! We did take Henry to training and the one thing that always helps is walking and rewarding with a treat after they go outside. The other thing Bo and I found helpful is the website this is a minneapolis meet up group. We really like to use the site to read the posts as to what others are experiencing. I just did a search and it looks like they have one in Moorhead

Best of luck! Hope all is well, your kids are adorable!