August 30, 2010

Things I Like

Bonnie's post was so interesting, I thought I'd do one of my own like-lists. Actually, I started this as a "dislike" post but I couldn't think of much. I'm sure I just have to be in the right mood. So, in no particular order, here are things I like:

Holding hands with Kris
The first sip of piping hot coffee early in the morning
An hour to myself before everyone else wakes up
chocolate chip cookie dough
My kids' smiles
My kids' giggles!
when Hope asks for a "panapkin"
When Ross said, "Hope is smaller, I'm mediumer, and Grant's the biggest."
crossing tasks off my to-do list
a clean bathroom
freshly-vacuumed carpet
watching Kris play with any of the kids
playing with play-doh
working with colleagues
hearning from former students who have acquired teaching positions
Paul Blart, Mall Cop
every single episode of Friends
The Facts of Life
Little House on the Prairie
dark chocolate
Nestle's milk chocolate chips
curling up between our down comforter and the featherbed
bulldogs and pugs
Eddie Murphy
Jersey Boys
the Bee Gees!
Andy Gibb
Jamie Lee Curtis
Sharon Osbourne
Bret Michaels
the Purple Rain soundtrack
my dad's grilled steak
a crisp glass of Riesling
my nieces and nephews
the first whif of fall leaves
Christmas music
the chemistry of the Golden Girls and Designing Women
laughing so hard I cry
Betty White
The Little Mermaid
McDonald's french fries
all manner of rings
my pillow


TBRKO said...

Another example of how we are so different yet alike in many ways....
Good job!

Kris said...

OK, I know you like when we hold hands but that was supposed to our lil secret. hee hee

Erin said...

Ha! Too funny, girl!

Miranda said...

This is a great list!